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About Me..

Im a young student studying in London. Living in Ibiza has led me to share my ideas and experiences


Ive always been very creative and have passion for music and photography. Sharing my ideas and opinions through the media is one of my favourite things. I want to inspire young adults and teens to express they're true selves and learn new things

I think that every one of us should be able to express ourselves in our own different ways and not being ashamed. We should be living our lives as much as possible. Never let anyone else  push you down.​

I grew up in Ibiza, Spain. A place where it has allowed me to have different perspectives of life. Ibiza is such an inspiring location, we have all sorts of people and cultures mixed together, this makes it strong and peaceful. There is the beauty of different cultures, religions and races communicating with each other

Travelling has become one of my other passions lately. I absolutely love it, visiting different countries make me a better person and give me courage for what i have and where I've reached throughout these years.


My advice for readers is  to keep being yourself and don't let yourself down for what surrounds you, because you are amazing and we deserve this world...

Dalt villa - Ibiza